How To Write a Great Blog Post – Quality Article Writing Using a Template

How To Write a Great Blog Post – Quality Article Writing Using a Template

Writing a good article is pretty straight forward and easy to do if you follow these 4 simple steps.

Number 1 – Always Add Value

Make sure the article being written provides value to the reader. If someone typed into a search engine the “target keyword or title of the post” would the post you write answer their question or add value to them in some way?

Number 2 – Google wants to deliver the “best” result so be the “best

Imagine if a good friend or family member asked was looking for the information in your “target keyword” and you wanted to provide them with the best possible information.

Search for other content on the web for your “target keyword” and write and article that is better than that post – For example add more information, make the post easier to read, or make it  more enjoyable.

Quality Article Writing Template

Headline – If you could only write these 2 kinds of headlines you would still have better headlines than 90% of articles on the web.

– “How to (target keyword)”

– Lists “7 ways to (target keyword)“Top 10 tips ______” etc

The “how to” and list style articles are always effective.

There is one more important thing to remember when creating article titles and that is…


Body – The body is where the meat is of the article and here is what you need to remember when writing the articles.

– Make sure your article answers a question or solves a porblem

– The article must be the “best” for the given question

– Use bullet points, sub-headings, numbered lists throughout each article

– Include the keyword/keyphrase in the Title, first paragraph, a subheading and the atleast 1-2 other places in the article

Length – 500 word minimum more is always better.

Original – Make sure to check to see if the article is original by entering it into –

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.