How We Do Things

Want to get started on the right social campaign? Let's go through our steps.


An initial Brainstorm session that goes over your ideas

Creative Process

We will work on a plan that helps you make your ideas a reality.

Design & Development

We will create, design and develop your ideas.

Final Product

A follow up report and make sure expectations were met.


It was a pleasure to work together with Amanda Blain, who was an intelligent strategist. Amanda Blain is an efficient Account Manager - her conception, skills, creativity and understanding of dependencies made the project a dream. Her open-minded approach could not be overestimated. She denotes an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others.

Pankaj Agrawal
Partner Assurance, Cisco

Amanda rocks! Friendly and sociable, she knows how to communicate, designs kick-ass websites and builds communities by bringing people together. She's an early adopter of technology!

Garick Chan

The way Amanda has built GirlFriend Social from the ground up is truly admirable. She has identified a useful niche, found the right technology and is building the business into a replicable local brand. I am watching her progress with a lot of interest . . . and perhaps even a little envy!

Wendy Stone